K-OK from the Past

Just Another Inside wall

Well K-OK is a new concept that stems from Our own in house brand Kea-0-Kida which when we abbreviated  it became K-OK, also we were so used to saying every thing in life is A -OK so we decided to make it Kea-0-Kida Ok and that we made it smaller to K-OK

And that was the start of that, but enough about the name and more about the brands and products that we had and still have.

As Kea-0-Kida is one of the main two in house brands (the other being Reignhard). We have still kept a lot of the design from Kea-0-Kida with the exption of the following:


5 stone ring sets (Sold out in Dubai)

Planet Accessories Range (Discontinued Dubai) (Might relaunce a new range with the same them, not sure)

New Additions to the Kea-0-Kida umbrella (detailed break down)

Kea-0-Kida: 1st Line

Better Than: 2nd Line

Not He Moon Key: 3rd line (New Addition)

Across the 3 lines will run a full life style brand (Accessories and apparel)

More information to follow




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